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Psychotherapy and Counseling for Individuals, Couples, & Families


My Guiding Philosophy

Counseling isn't magic.  It's simply people talking with the aim of finding and navigating a better way.  


My practice is fairly straight forward.  I work to quickly help you identify or clarify your most significant concerns.   Next we’ll work together to help you refine or establish your goals.  From there the aim is to develop strategies to help you meet those goals or aspirations.   I’ll always work at your pace, but if you find yourself stuck, we’ll work to find practical and respectful ways to help you advance.  Whether you hope to manage a problem behavior or if you're seeking deeper meaning in your life, my purpose is to help you achieve your goal in a way that's meaningful to you.


My approach is based on what's needed and I'm flexible with my technique as I learn what's helpful to you.  My style is informal, but I take the work seriously, meaning I take you seriously.   The point of seeking help is to address the concerns you can't share "out there." I provide a safe, comfortable environment where you can feel free to express or unburden yourself without fear of judgment or criticism.


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To inquire on services I provide or to schedule a confidential consultation please feel free to call or send me a message.  I'll make every effort to return contacts within 24 hours.  

In the event you require an urgent consultation or to report a mental health emergency please call the UHS Crisis Center at (800) 451-0560 or call 911 for emergency assistance.

(607) 222-9913

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