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My experience in counseling and mental health service began during the time I served in the Army.  I worked as a Behavioral Science Specialist during that period, where I had a variety of duties including mental health counseling, hospital discharge planning, domestic violence case management, and conducting behavioral health educational training & stress management treatment.


Following my time in service, I worked in a wide assortment of professions such as human resources, scheduling, manufacturing/fabricating, retail, transportation, construction, and real estate inspection.  These varied experiences have exposed me to countless circumstances which help me to quickly understand or appreciate the complexities faced by the people whom I work with.


Prior to starting this practice, I worked at the Family & Children’s Society Sexual Abuse Treatment Program.  In that role, I worked in a team where we treated victims of sexual abuse, their non-offending family members, and I also provided treatment to those who committed sexual offenses.  This was deeply rewarding work and the knowledge I gained in this role has served me immeasurably.  I had always considered myself to be open-minded, but the experience of working in that capacity served me particularly well in learning how to provide those I work for with a safe environment free of negative criticism and allowing folks to express themselves without fear of judgment.


Following that experience, I worked as a hospital social worker at Lourdes Hospital where I was assigned to the Emergency Department to work with urgent cases and patients with complex needs.  In this role, I gained an appreciation for making quick assessments and providing intense on-the-spot treatment and recommendations for emergency patients.


During my time working at Binghamton University, I served as a Senior Counselor at the University Counseling Center.  This was deeply rewarding work.  In this capacity, I worked with a wide variety of college students in varying degrees of distress.  It was in this role that I honed my ability to help people identify their untapped strengths.  By making those kinds of discoveries, the students I served often found themselves better prepared to tackle the challenges of their academic careers, and better still, they often left with a clearer sense of their own direction and purpose.


My goal has always been to provide a service catering to folks who feel lost, frustrated, distressed, or in shame and help them find positive ways to change their pain into their strength.  With that aim, I opened my private practice in 2015.  In 2020 I had the honor and privilege of relocating my practice to a professional building on Front Street in Vestal where someone from my family has served the public for nearly 50 years.  I believe the space to be comfortable and conducive to creating a positive atmosphere where the people I serve are able to focus on their needs undistracted by the outside world. 


If you find you have any questions or if you would like to know more about me or my service, please feel free to contact me.

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